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September 13, 2018

A 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck Hokkaido on September 6, 2018, resulting in injury, death, power disruption, and property damage. Help USJETAA support recovery efforts by donating.

One of the goals of USJETAA is to help alumni of the JET Program give back to the country that gave them so much. In the aftermath of the Hokkaido earthquake, many JET alumni asked USJETAA how they can help. To give JET alumni a way to directly contribute to the recovery efforts, USJETAA is taking donations on behalf of the community.

We will again remit these funds to the Japan Platform, which is a central association for humanitarian response NGOs. Japan Platform is a cooperative initiative between 43 key NGOs involved in humanitarian responses, the Japanese government, and the business community. They are able to very quickly get the funds to the NGOs on the ground in the disaster zone with low fees and overhead. For English information about the Japan Platform activities please visit

If you prefer to pay by check:

1201 15 th ST NW STE 330
Washington, DC 20005

Please make checks out to USJETAA and write in the memo line that the funds are designated for "Hokkaido Earthquake Relief."

To maximize the amount of your donation that reaches those in need, USJETAA will retain only 10% of the donations for administrative costs and any direct fees related to collecting and remitting the payment overseas.

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